Cannabis is also known as marijuana, weed, pot, etc. It is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant used for medical and recreational purposes. It can be utilized by smoking it, or consuming it with food as an extract. It has mental and physical effects such as making you “high or stoned” which generally changes perception, heightens your mood and increases your appetite. The effects may last you anywhere between 30-60 minutes if consumed with food. But if smoked the side effects last 2-6 hours. You will also face a decrease in short term memory, a dry mouth, impaired motor skills, eyes turn red and also paranoia and anxiety. Long term side effects can include addiction, decreased mental ability and behavioral issues.  It has been 7 years since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, these two states became the first two states in the united states of America to legalize recreational use of it. Since then more and more states have started making it legal to use “weed” for fun. Even though half of the states In the USA have declared it to be legal, the federal government still sees the sale of weed in the same way they view the sale of heroin or cocaine.

Marijuana can help with PTSD. The relaxing effects are very well known, and known to have some benefits. It entirely depends on your mood and your surroundings, who you are with and what you are doing. You shouldn’t consume weed when you are angry. Make sure you are calm and ready to have some downtime. It also helps with depression.

It can relieve you from chronic pain and even nausea. Pain relief is typical when it comes to the use of medical marijuana.

Weed can be active at calming muscle spasms as well. People with epilepsy may benefit by using pot, even kids to an extent.

It is safer compared to opioids. Some people have said that it is a gateway drug, but it actually depends on you, how much you consume and other factors.

It may have anti-cancer side effects, but the research related to this is minimal, so we can’t completely depend on this statement. Another statement that hasn’t entirely been proven is that too many encounters with weed can reduce a man’s sperm count, but this hasn’t been medically proven. Men be cautious.

People with heart problems should try and stay away from any kind of drug and alcohol abuse because it may heighten their situation.


It is not safe to consume weed and operate heavy machinery like cars, scooters, etc. it impairs your vision, your motor skills and vision.

Weed smoke is still smoke and inhaling it may have its adverse effects.

Even recreational users beware, the less you use the safer it is. The chances of you getting addicted to it is very low if you indulge in consuming it rarely or occasionally.

All guidelines recommend that adults should stick to occasional use such as in the weekends to chill out with friends or significant others. Marijuana as a regular habit has been linked to not just health issues but social problems as well.