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CBD Living’s mission and main goal is to explore and perfect the science behind what makes hemp such an impressive plant, including the use of CBD, a phytochemical that has recently demonstrated the potential to yield remarkable health benefits. 

Nanotechnology and CBD – an industry first?

CBD Living LLC has successfully developed protocols utilizing nanotechnology in order to create a wide array of high-quality CBD oils, CBD water, and much, much more. The innovative company uses this same nanotechnology for every one of their products, including their potent CBD isolates and soothing CBD bath bombs. 

Transparency and Trust

CBD Living believes in transparency between their company and their consumers. They encourage honest and open communication with their customers. In fact, their customers have come to know CBD Living specifically as a trustworthy company who creates and sells sustainable CBD products. In order to solidify this trust with its customers, CBD Living posts the results of third-party lab reports on their website. 

Customers can simply click on the product they are viewing to clearly see the levels of CBD, CBN, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids that are present in that product. Additionally CBD Living’s hemp is sourced and grown organically in Colorado. Today’s review will take a look at CBD Living, their ground-breaking products, and their motivation for creating some of the best CBD products out on the market today. 

What CBD Living is All About

CBD Living first came into existence in 2013 and was created by Bill De Segna. The company’s headquarters are located in Corona, California, and they employ a team of global scientists, top-notch business minds, and skilled thought leaders. The large organization has a huge global customer base, and a total of 53,000 Instagram followers. 

Enhanced Bioavailability 

CBD Living’s mission is to simply put forth the best CBD on today’s market. To do this, they use nanotechnology that reduces CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets. Because of this, no emulsifiers are needed. By breaking down CBD’s molecules into such a small size, its bioavailability is increased by some 90 percent, which means that the CBD is delivered faster to CB1 and CB2 receptors than by traditional full-sized particles. The molecules are, in fact, just about the exact same size of DNA. This ultimately means that the molecules can be transported to every single cell in the body. In breaking down CBD’s molecules, the company has created an extremely effective, intense, and fast-acting product. 

The reviews are out, and many consumers agree that CBD Living offers its customers a variety of versatile products that have serious medicinal benefits to help with everything from major aches and pains, to grave ailments, to simple stress-reduction. 

CBD Living Water

Review: What Makes CBD Living So Special

CBD Living continues to do well in today’s saturated CBD market because they strive to provide their customers with: 

  • Products with zero percent THC: All CBD Living products have zero THC in them, which means that they are all non-psychoactive. This is a huge benefit for those consumers who are concerned about potential changes to their mental state by regularly taking CBD. 
  • Ethically Produced Products: Each one of CBD Living’s products are fair trade certified. The company also believes in giving their employees, who are all involved in the creation process, the most quality employment available. As an added bonus, none of the products are tested on animals. 
  • Wide Array of Products: CBD Living offers a wide range of products for consumers to choose from on their website. Therefore, customers can essentially tailor products specifically to any ailment they are wanting to treat. The company also makes a variety of fun CBD products such as CBD chocolates and CBD bath bombs. In essence, there’s something for everyone. 
  • Newsletter: CBD Living offers their customers a 10 percent discount on products when they sign up for their regularly produced newsletter. Customers are also automatically entered into a drawing to win free CBD products. Many reviewers have said that the newsletter is a great way for customers to stay current with the company and also save some money on products. 
  • Worldwide shipping: With today’s confusing laws on CBD that differ from country to country, it can be hard to navigating shipping. Therefore, we really love the fact that CBD Living ships their products worldwide. So now, even customers who live on the other side of the globe will still be able to safely receive their products. 
  • Products that are sold in stores: Customers can also purchase CBD Living’s products in brick and mortar store locations. This is excellent news for customers who are not able to purchase their products online, or who would rather physically see the company’s full selection of products. Most stores that retail CBD Living’s products are located in both the United States and England. 

Some Potential (Minor) Drawbacks

Even though CBD Living’s website contains a large variety of products, some of the text and formatting within their website does not feel cohesive. An example of this can be seen when you click on the “Shop” drop down bar. This bar is not equally spaced, which, overall, is not a major issue or concern. However, this could prove to be somewhat annoying to consumers. Another minor issue is that the website lacks an FAQ page. This page could be a great way for the company to highlight important information like shipping costs and other things. 

CBD Living Individual Product Lineup and Reviews

Some of CBD Living’s most popular and best-selling products are: 

  • CBD Living Vapes: If you prefer smoking, then CBD Living offers plenty of flavors for their CBD vapes. Some flavors include bubble gum, sour diesel, and natural. Vaping has been said to be one of the most effective ways to consume CBD because of the potent and fast-acting manner of the process. The company’s vape products are not only of the highest quality, but they also are put through a vigorous round of testing before the product will be sold on CBD Living’s website. 
  • CBD Living’s Drinks and Edibles: CBD Living has a wide array of edibles and drinks for sale on their website. Their CBD water contains Coenzyme 10, D-Ribose, Methyl B12, and several other beneficial ingredients. The taste is virtually invisible and compares to that of “normal” mineral water. The water’s main benefit is that it both reduces anxiety and cures that nagging feeling of dry mouth that arises from anxiety. Additionally, consumers who are wanting a fun and delicious way to take their CBD can also choose from some of the CBD candies that the company offers like cherry gummy rings. All of CBD Living’s CBD gummies are vegan and can be used at any time throughout the day as they are also super portable. 
  • CBD Living Concentrates: Concentrates are fantastic for customers who are looking for a quick, strong burst of CBD. CBD Living’s shatter comes in Gelato, Orange Cookies, Durban Poison, and Skittles flavors. The best way to use these concentrates is to dab a tiny amount onto a smoking device and then inhale the smoke. Results are immediate, so concentrates are an amazing way to obtain fast relief from chronic pain. 
  • CBD Living Topicals: CBD Living has a good amount of CBD topicals on their website including CBD Freeze, bath bombs, soaps, and many more. CBD Living Freeze works as a roll-on tincture that can be directly applied to any area on the body. The bath bombs come in a variety of scents and were crafted with the company’s special nano-CBD to ensure maximum absorption. 
  • CBD Living Tinctures: CBD Living’s tinctures come in four potencies: 250mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, and 1000mg. The tinctures are extremely easy to use because they come with a 1ml dropper. They were crafted from CO2 that was extracted from hemp extract, which was then further infused with MCT oil. 

CBD Living Product Costs: 

  • CBD Living Concentrates: CBD Living Isolate (250mg) — $25.00, Living Dabz Shatter Zkittles (500mg) — $50.00
  • CBD Living Edibles and Drinks: CBD Living Water 500ml — $5.99, CBD Living Dark Chocolate (120mg) 8ct — $28.00, CBD Living Gummies Bottle (10mg) 30ct — $50.00
  • CBD Living Pet Products: CBD Living Pet Capsules (25mg) 30ct — $110.00, CBD Living Pet Capsules (25mg) 360ct —$1,320.00
  • CBD Living Vapes: CBD Living Bubble Gum Vape Cartridge (500mg) — $50.00, CBD Living Natural Vape Cartridge (500mg) — $50.00
  • CBD Living Tinctures: CBD Living Tincture (250mg) 1oz — $50.00, CBD Living Tincture (750mg) 1oz — $90.0
  • CBD Living Topicals: CBD Living Freeze (120mg) 88ml — $32.00, CBD Living Bath Bomb Amber Bergamot (60mg) 1ct — $14.00

Final Thoughts: CBD Living Products

It’s said that CBD Living was extremely disappointed in the way that the CBD industry was being run by their competitors. CBD Living witnessed too many other companies disappointing customers through both the variety and quality of CBD products. In light of this, the company made a decision to create a business that went above and beyond in both variety and quality of CBD products. 

As a CBD company, CBD Living continues to develop cutting edge, interesting, modern ways of extracting CBD in its purest form. The company also knows its customer base, which is currently everyone under the sun. Our CBD Living review clearly shows that the company’s vast array of products suits every person, every budget, every lifestyle, and every profession. 

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