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CTFO, or Changing the Future Outcome, is a multi-level marketing-based CBD oil company.

They offer a variety of products for personal use, some even without CBD oil. The prices are affordable and competitive with the rest of the market, and many people are jumping at the chance to sell CTFO products to their friends and family.

CTFO Brand Review

According to the brand’s website, CTFO uses CO2-extracted industrial hemp grown organically and packaged in America, though the exact location is unknown.

CTFO says all its industrial hemp farms are compliant with the United States Department of Agriculture regulations, and are large distributors of hemp that’s rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.

The company says they conduct third-party testing for contaminants in each SKU of their CBD products, but posted results of these tests are few and far between.

Rather than putting its products in storefronts or selling directly via a website, CTFO has gone the multi-level marketing route to sell its CBD products. Interested parties sign up to sell CTFO’s products, receiving a cut of the profits of each sale. 

The company’s website says it’s free to join to sell the products, and each seller receives a customized website where they can direct potential customers for purchases.

Priding itself on having some of the lowest prices in the CBD market, CTFO points to its multi-level marketing structure as the way it’s achieved these low prices.

CTFO offers a variety of different CBD products, both isolate and full-spectrum varieties. 

Available products include:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Oral sprays
  • Topicals
  • Pet products
  • Vape products

They also offer products without CBD oil, including serums, creams, and other skin care products.

The CTFO “opportunity” to sell its products is available in the United States and the United Kingdom, with Canada and Sweden listed as “re-opening soon.”

CTFO’s products also are available for purchase in the following countries:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Portugal

CTFO’s website says its products are free of herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals, but some critics have found that not all ingredients are completely harmless.

The gummies, for example, use artificial colorings and flavorings, including Yellow 5. The hair growth products are made with EDTA, another known harmful ingredient.

Many of its advocates point to great results after use, including decreased pain, regrown hair, and improved quality of life.

How Much Does CTFO CBD Cost?

Depending on the type of product you buy and how high its CBD content is, CTFO’s CBD products range in price from $24.97 to $159.97.

If you are a daily CBD user, or want to sell the product and plan to have stock on hand, CTFO does offer bulk discounts if you make large purchases, making their prices even more affordable.

CTFO (Changing the Future Outcome) Products

CTFO currently offers CBD products in four main categories:

  • Health
  • Anti-aging
  • Nutrition
  • Pet care

We’ll take a look at each of these categories in a little more depth so you can better understand the CBD products offered by CTFO.

CTFO Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Price: $65.97-$130.97, depending on the strength and size of the bottle

With discount: $49.97-$99.97

If you’re looking for hemp oil drops, CTFO has two options for you: Pure Hemp CBD Oil and 10X Pure Full-Spectrum Oil.

For those just getting started using CBD oil, starting with the Pure Hemp CBD Oil may be your best bet. It’s less potent, packing only 300 mg of CBD. That means you’re less likely to feel ill effects from getting too strong a dose for your tolerance level.

If you’re more experienced with using CBD oils, or you’re working your way up from regular-grade oils, the 10X Pure Full-Spectrum Oil will give you the most bang for your buck.

The 10X oil is not only more powerful, but it’s also hydrophilic, meaning it’s easier for your body to absorb. This gives you faster results even when using smaller doses.

This higher grade of oil also can be used as a prebiotic for a healthier gut, as well as being anti-bacterial.

It has a natural peppermint flavor for a better taste.

Some other benefits of CBD oils include:

  • Healthier blood sugar levels
  • Better energy levels
  • Relief of anxiety
  • Aids in digestion
  • Supports optimal immune function
  • Decreases pain levels

Suggested use is 20 drops in the morning and 20 drops in the evening under the tongue, holding in place for 60 to 120 seconds.

Vape Oil

Price: $80.97 for 500 mg, $130.97 for 1500 mg

With discount: $59.97 for 500 mg, $99.97 for 1500 mg

Vaping is an increasingly popular way to consume CBD oil. 

You get all the benefits of CBD oil more quickly as it vaporizes and enters your lungs, while being a safe, healthy method of getting your CBD. 

These vape oils are compatible with all types and styles of vape pens, so you can use your favorite.

CTFO’s CBD vape oils have no THC or nicotine, making them a healthy option for all CBD consumers. They come in two flavors – blueberry cheesecake and natural citrus – to suit your individual tastes.

Choose from 500 mg or 1500 mg strength, getting exactly the dosage you want.

CBD Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream

Price: $50.97 to $105.97 depending on type, strength, and size

With discount: $34.97 to $79.97

Whether you suffer from chronic pain from an illness or injury or you sometimes push it too hard in the gym, Changing the Future Outcome’s CBD healing pain cream has what you need to take care of that pain quickly.

Unlike a CBD tincture or vape, CBD creams are applied topically, meaning you can use them wherever you’re experiencing pain. From that nagging ankle pain to those sore muscles after a tough workout, your CBD cream gets to where you need it to be to stop the pain.

CTFO’s CBD pain creams come in 60 mg, 150 mg, and 500 mg options to tackle everything from minor aches to major pains.

Along with the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD oil, CTFO’s pain creams feature:

  • Emu oil
  • Skin hydration
  • Discreet pain relief
  • Possible help with joint ailments or stiffness

Pain Free-ze Rub with Pure CBD Hemp Oil

Price: $50.97

With discount: $36.97

While CTFO features a variety of pain relief creams, its Free-ze Rub gives you that immediate “icy” feeling like you get from IcyHot or other similar products.

The menthol in the cream provides cryotherapy to offer quick-penetrating, non-addictive pain relief. The 50 mg of pure CBD hemp oil effectively binds to the body’s CB2 receptors, getting rid of your aches and pains quickly.

Like the other CBD creams, you can use the Pain Free-ze Rub nearly anywhere you experience pain. Its topical use allows you to directly target your aches, providing fast, effective relief.

It’s great for arthritis, sore muscles, back pain, and swollen joints, and provides all-day relief to get you back to your life faster.

CBD Hair Growth 4-Step System with AnaGain

Price: $65.97 for individual products to $278.88 for the whole system

With discount: $49.97 for individual products to $199.97 for the whole system

CTFO is one of the first companies in the industry to offer hair products that promise to regrow thinning hair. 

While each product is available individually, they are all meant to work best as part of a 4-step system: shampoo, conditioner, moisture treatment, and leave-in solution. 

The key ingredient in the hair growth system is AnaGain, which is meant to stimulate hair growth and leads to fuller, healthier hair than before. Each product also features 50 to 100 mg of CBD per container.

CTFO CBD for Pets

Price: $40.97 to $71.97

With discount: $24.97 to $34.97

Using CBD isn’t just for humans. CTFO also has a line of CBD products for use on pets, who can benefit from CBD oil for pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

CTFO offers five types of CBD products for pets, including:

  • Health and wellness oral spray
  • Conditioning shampoo
  • Pet spray
  • Chew treats
  • Pet drops

Consult with your pet’s veterinarian before using any CBD products, and get proper instructions on the frequency and strength of dosages.

Some of the benefits of using CBD products for pets include relief from:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear of thunderstorms
  • Pain
  • Allergies
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cancer
  • Digestive issues
  • And more!

Your pet can be healthier and happier with correct usage of CBD oil products from CTFO.

Other CBD Products

CTFO has developed a wide variety of other CBD products, giving you many options for CBD use.

Some of the other products offered by this company include:

  • CBD Gummies
  • Isolate CBD Oil Drops
  • Roll-On Pain Rub
  • Pure Hemp CBD Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum
  • Massage Oil
  • Dead Sea Mud Mask with Vulcanus Kaolin
  • Your Majesty Queen of All Creams Moisturizing Cream
  • Pure Hemp CBD Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover
  • Pure Hemp Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream
  • Pure Hemp CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells
  • Pure Hemp CBD Neck and Decollete Anti-Aging Cream
  • Pure Hemp CBD Overnight Skin Rejuvenator
  • Pure Hemp CBD Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Cream
  • CBD Ultra-Moisturizing Body Butter
  • Pure Hemp CBD Anti-Aging Under Eye Cream
  • Pure Hemp CBD Daily Facial Cleanser
  • CBD Facial Toner
  • Pure Hemp CBD Total Wellness Capsules
  • CBD Pain Relief Oral Spray
  • CBD Weight Loss Oral Spray
  • CBD Energy Blast and Focus Oral Spray
  • CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray
  • CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray

What Are Real CTFO Customers Saying?

You can read about the benefits and features of CTFO’s CBD products all day long, but what do real customers say about the company? 

* reviews may be paraphrased or identities removed to ensure privacy

Here are some reviews from real CTFO customers:

Recently a friend had reccomended that I check out CTFO. Since then I’ve been supplementing with the 750mg oil and have been impressed at what it’s been able to do for me. Having tried a number of other brands in the past, I can say that CTFO really came thru and has been effective. Its now my go to brand” Christine

I’m not one to usually take time out to write a review, but CTFO has earned it. Their products get results fast and they back it all up. Not to mention they post third party lab results so I always know I’m getting exactly what it says on the bottle.” – Dave

Like most people I went right to the reviews when seeking out a CBD brand. Those reviews let me right to CTFO. I was overwhelmed by the overly positive feedback given by actual users of the products and that is what drop me to try them out. Not many brands actually stand behind their products these days, but CTFO does. And with good reason. The products work. Nathan

“Getting seep has been rough. And if I can’t get in enough hours my next day is trash. CTFO has helped me FINALLY get a good night’s rest. I am able to stay calm and relaxed, falling and actually staying asleep. Its been a literal lifesaver and something I have not experienced in a long time. – Paul

You wouldn’t be able to tell anything was wrong by looking at me, and I do a good job of pretending it isn’t. But the fact is, I’ve been in pain most of my life (17 years) with it being so bad that some days I simply can’t function. Muscle pain combined with memory, mood, fatigue and sleep problems are a literal nightmare and a vicious cycle that won’t end. Lack of sleep doesn’t help either. Friend’s had told me to try CBD and I had put it off for a long time. Finally making the plunge at the insistance of a close friend I gave it a try and after a whole week I am happy to report that it REALLY FREAKING WORKS! I don’t know why or how but my pain has decreased to almost 5-10% of what it conce was and for the fiorst time in a long time I can begin to enjoy life again. My advice for anyone dealing with chronic painis to give it a try. You have nothing to lose.- Rachel

It’s now been about 2 and a half months since I’ve started with CBD and I wanted to share my thoughts thus far. For me personally, I have digestive issues, trouble sleeping and a general sense of not feeling well. I also suffer from inflammation with my joints and fingers being quite painful at times. The first thing I noticed was an easing in the pain in my knees even after being on them all day. Sleep also improved quickly. I noticed I had more energy throughout the day, which I don’t’ think had as much at all to do with the CBD as it did that the product was helping me get more rest. My digestion has been slowly getting better and I’ve made a point to focus on a healthier lifestyle.Susan

Final Thoughts

In business since 2015, CTFO offers a broad variety of CBD and non-CBD products for individual use. 

The company uses the multi-level marketing model for its sales, allowing for those who love the products to share them with their friends and family to possibly make some extra money. Signing up to sell CTFO’s products is free and the company says there are no minimum sales quotas.

CTFO says its products come from high-quality industrial hemp farms in America and that there is third-party testing conducted on each SKU. Official reporting on this testing is difficult to verify, with results being released inconsistently.

From hair care to gummies, vape juice to skin cream, CTFO has CBD products at entry-level price points for consumers who just want to try out some CBD all the way up to seasoned CBD users.

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