Folium Biosciences Review – Do they live up to the hype?

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For trustworthy wholesale CBD, talk to Folium Biosciences. This Colorado-based supplier has proudly set an example for the wholesale CBD industry as a leading provider of high quality, third-party tested raw materials for other CBD suppliers around the world. 

They’re North America’s largest vertically-integrated creator of phytocannabinoid products—put simply, they control every aspect of hemp production from start to finish. As a result, Folium Biosciences produces some of the purest cannabinoid products available. 

Perhaps just as impressively, Folium Biosciences owns a patent-pending extraction process for THC. This process ensures all products contain 0.0% THC (well below the 0.2% industry standard for CBD). As a result, Folium Biosciences is the only producer of zero-THC industrial-grade full-spectrum CBD products.

In this review, we’ll cover:

  • The Folium Biosciences genetics program
  • Folium’s cloning method and its benefits over seed-derived hemp
  • The unique THC extraction process that puts Folium ahead of the curve
  • Ways Folium Biosciences is preparing for the future
  • Products offered through the company’s white label and bulk programs

Review of Folium Biosciences’ Genetics Program

True to their name, Folium Biosciences focuses on bioscience. Folium specifically centers efforts around genetics. Before their hemp is planted for consumer products, Folium Biosciences refines their plants’ genes. Their advanced program custom-selects genes that would benefit consumers and maximize growth potential. 

CBD companies often source hemp from industrial farms, purchase seeds or clones from genetic specialists, or otherwise obtain their plants from an outside producer. These plants must undergo quality testing to verify claims of potency and safety. 

By contrast, Folium Biosciences operates their own genetics program. Each plant is unique to Folium’s brand and offered nowhere else. Folium understands the genetic structure of each plant—allowing the company to more tightly control their product quality.

Like third-party plants, hemp from Folium undergoes testing (both internal and third-party testing) to validate company claims.

Terpene and CBD content

One consequence of tight genetic controls is high terpene and CBD content. Folium has carefully bred plants with high concentrations of these valuable compounds: more than 18% CBD and as much as 5% other cannabinoids.

How do these numbers stack up to other companies? They land on top. According to current knowledge, Folium Biosciences’ plants naturally offer the most potent cannabinoid compounds without psychoactive effects. 

Why Clone? Folium Biosciences’ Growth Process

Rather than plant crops from seed, Folium Biosciences creates clones of already-successful hemp plants. These clones are highly-rated for consistency, strength, and overall quality.

Why Folium Biosciences avoids seed-grown plants

The quality of CBD products grown from seed can vary. Natural variations between plants can affect some of hemp’s most vital qualities. Some hemp plants grown from seed may be strong in CBD, while others may be weaker. Important plant compounds that compliment CBD, known as “terpenes,” will also vary from seed to seed. 

Consistency is key for CBD products. Without a consistent dose of CBD and terpenes, customers may experience varying tastes or physical results. Manufacturers of seed-grown hemp products must be especially careful to keep their end products’ terpene and CBD concentration constant when using seed-grown sources. 

Benefits of Folium Biosciences’ cloning method

Instead of relying on seed-grown plants for consistency, Folium nearly guarantees consistency through cloning. 

Cloned plants are identical. With cloned hemp, a producer can know with complete certainty the concentration of terpenes and CBD within a single plant. There is no question of variation between plants, loss of efficacy, or change in plant makeup. 

Due to the cloning process, this Folium Biosciences review rates Folium highly for quality and consistency.

THC Extraction with Folium Biosciences

Current government standards mandate a maximum of 0.2% THC content in CBD oil. Most companies meet this standard. However, Folium Biosciences pioneered a method for extracting THC that eliminates THC content completely—without damaging terpenes.

This method uses chromatography to filter out THC. It is a safe, effective method for separating THC from the remainder of hemp compounds. It does not “water down” or harm the hemp extract. Folium’s techniques ensure top-quality full-spectrum CBD for all their consumers. The end product is hemp extract with 0.0% THC.

No reviews of other CBD companies will be able to compare to this point; Folium’s extraction process is patent pending. As a result, this review ranks Folium Biosciences highly for THC content and extraction methods.

Other Benefits

Folium Biosciences continues to innovate and improve its products. Thanks to the company’s forward-thinking development, Folium offers great value on top of its zero-THC CBD and vertically-integrated processes. Though other Folium Biosciences reviews have covered some of these points before, we’ve collected them below for your convenience. 

This includes:

  • Continued support of and participation in CBD research. CBD research is crucial for better understanding of CBD’s benefits, more inclusive CBD legislation, and increased cultural acceptance of CBD usage.
  • A new 50,000 sq. ft. processing facility, which will multiply the company’s existing manufacturing capacity by almost ten times. Increased production means greater availability for consumers desiring high-quality THC-free hemp products.
  • Growing global reach, serving countries from Amsterdam to Canada to the United States and beyond. Companies desiring to purchase from a global CBD wholesaler can turn to Folium Biosciences for their hemp needs.
  • The introduction of a pharmaceutical department to Folium’s resources. This division helps Folium remain well-equipped for customers who use CBD for health benefits.

In addition, Folium offers a wide range of bulk and white-label products. Some of the premium hemp products Folium sells include:

  • Hemp oil
  • Soft gels
  • Tinctures
  • Balms
  • Gummies
  • Vape products
  • K9 chews
  • Animal pellets
  • Animal tinctures
  • Animal balms

With such a broad selection within a vertically-integrated company, Folium is undoubtedly a leader in cannabis products. 

Closing Thoughts About Folium Biosciences

Having reviewed all the major aspects of this CBD bioscience company, we can confidently recommend their products. Not all companies can be trusted to deliver high-quality products on a consistent basis. With Folium Biosciences, however, quality is assured. The company closely monitors all processes related to the growth and manufacturing of their products. Thanks to their state-of-the-art techniques and innovative mindset, Folium is on the road to long-term dominance of the CBD wholesale industry.

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