Kannaway CBD Review – Is it a Scam?

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Kannaway is unique among hemp companies. Like many others, they offer a wide variety of THC-free or low-THC products. However, unlike others, Kannaway sells its products through an MLM: a multi-level marketing structure, similar to Young Living, Mary Kay, or Avon. 

While this method makes some people uncomfortable with the company, it’s a well-received sales strategy in cannabis and other industries and has both spread awareness and advocacy for the herb while providing a healthy income stream for others adventurous enough to delve into entrepreneurship. 

Depsite decriminalization and legalization in many US states, cannabis is not widely accepted yet. Nevertheless, most consumers trust their friends’ recommendations. With companies like Kannaway, increasing numbers of unlikely consumers will be introduced to hemp’s incredible possibilities.

Kannaway offers high-quality help products. It competes with the big names of cannabis corporations in testing standards, product variety, and customer engagement. For true hemp enthusiasts, it provides the possibility of supplementary income through direct sales efforts. It’s a company worth noticing.

In this review, we’ll look at Kannaway’s direct sales model, product quality standards, and overall offerings. We’ll end with a few recommendations and some important points to keep in mind. Keep reading to find out whether joining Kannaway – as a consumer or a distributor – is right for you:

Kannaway, MLMs, and the Direct Sales Model 

Thanks to widespread abuse of the direct sales model in past years, many people remain suspicious of MLM companies today. Some individuals assume that past unethical direct sales models point to possible problems with product quality. With Kannaway, however, these assumptions are unfounded. Kannaway proudly protects its product purity while fairly compensating its salespeople.

Cost to Distribute Kannaway?

Kannaway distributors must pay a start-up fee ($54.98 at the time of the writing of this article) to cover orientation and training costs, as well as fees associated with the purchase of Kannaway’s minimum initial inventory (also known as starter packs). These purchases, while pricey, are low-cost when compared to other MLM companies. Cannabis enthusiasts interested in entering the direct sales industry get a deal when it comes to Kannaway products.

Kannaway Membership Fee

Kannaway also charges an annual membership fee, much like other direct sales companies. However, this fee is not too far above other similar companies’ membership fees. Distributors benefit from company resources such as marketing materials, training, and mentorship as part of the program; as a result, the value of their program matches the small monthly cost.

Kannaway Pay and Advantages

Kanaway’s distributors also gain many advantages common to MLM corporations, such as sales threshold bonuses, a car incentive, and more.

Unlike many MLM companies, Kannaway does not pay its distributors to recruit others into the program. This is both a positive and a negative. Because distributors do not receive compensation for recruits, one might assume the pressure to recruit others – rather than simply sell a product – is lessened. Unfortunately, Kannaway still puts pressure on its distributors to recruit others. Bonuses are offered for hitting certain recruitment goals, and the overall company culture promotes recruitment. Because Kannaway doesn’t operate with a purely-sales culture, it shouldn’t adopt a purely-sales payment model. We would like to see Kannaway either compensate its advocates for their recruitment efforts or discontinue these pressure tactics.

Becoming a Distributor

If you’re not interested in becoming a distributor, don’t worry. Kannaway, unlike other direct sales companies, allows customers to purchase products independent of its salespeople. Its website is easy to navigate and no communication with a distributor is necessary to order. 

Aside from its lack of compensation for recruits, Kannaway seems to combine the best of both worlds: Salespeople who can spread the word about cannabis’s incredible benefits, and an accessible website full of high-quality consumer products for all.

The benefit of Kannaway’s direct sales model

While cannabis, CBD, and hemp products are currently exploding in popularity, many urban myths about cannabis persist. Does it make you high? Is it safe? Is it legal?

By employing the direct sales model, Kannaway benefits the entire cannabis industry. It promotes acceptance of CBD products by facilitating friendly interactions between non-cannabis users and cannabis enthusiasts. We appreciate how Kannaway has gone a step beyond other companies in changing the way the world sees CBD.

Product Overview

Outside of their MLM-related qualities, Kannaway offers a wide range of high-quality products to choose from. Below, we’ll break down the reasons these products are revolutionary and the specific offerings from Kannaway’s line.

Kannaway’s ingredients

Kannaway leads the way in non-toxic ingredients. Not only is their hemp strictly vetted for purity (more on that later), but their additional ingredients are all non-carcinogens. This means consumers won’t need to worry about high cancer risks from carcinogenic substances in their hemp products.

Kannaway’s hemp

Perhaps more importantly, Kannaway prioritizes high-quality, safe hemp for all their products. Their hemp is grown in Europe – which is known for its strict stance on chemical growing practices. All of Kannaway’s products are non-GMO, and tested for purity in three stages: after harvest, after importation, and just before product sale. Thanks to these measures, Kannaway distributors and their customers can feel confident in Kannaway’s integrity.

Product Line

The company offers a broad spectrum of products to its consumers. All products are legal in all 50 states, as they contain no active THC. Their products come in four main categories: general health, skincare, pet health, and vape products.

General health products include traditional CBD favorites: tinctures, oils, balms, and gummies. Some are marketed to slow aging. Others are paired with caffeine (such as their energy gummies) to provide a boost of energy. The brand also offers some lifestyle products such as coffee, tea, and gum.

Skincare products include Kannaway’s “Defined” line, which is marketed as a luxury skincare collection. This consists of four steps, from removing makeup with a skin cleanser to anti-aging and antioxidant serum

Kannaway hasn’t forgotten your best friends – that’s why they introduced Kannaway Pets. These non-GMO non-carcinogenic chews, toys, and oils can safely deliver CBD’s benefits to your pets. For added reassurance, the brand worked closely with veterinarians and CBD experts to develop these products. They’re formulated for pets by people who know exactly what your pets need.

Finally, this company offers the all-important vape products. Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD – after all, it’s one of the fastest-absorbed methods for those with health challenges. Kannaway’s vape cartridges and oils come from sustainably-sourced plants. With Kannaway, you can truly relax when it’s time to vape.

Thanks to these varied product offerings, individuals who have not yet tried CBD have a myriad of options for their first cannabis product. If you have tried CBD but are not noticing any effect, make sure your packaging has not been compromised.

Charity Efforts and Community Involvement 

Kannaway also contributes heavily to ECHO, a nonprofit helping low-income families afford cannabis products.

Because of strict legal requirements for growing, testing, and producing hemp, cannabis is currently an expensive product for most people. Therefore, many who could benefit from cannabis’s proposed effects can’t afford to buy it for themselves. ECHO helps resolve this through donating cannabis products to those in need and providing necessary financial assistance. ECHO also promotes greater acceptance of cannabis products through widespread education on current hemp research.

Final Thoughts Regarding Kannaway as a Business 

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money from your cannabis enthusiasm, searching for a non-GMO non-toxic hemp company, or simply interested in trying some new products, Kannaway is the company for you. 

While their MLM structure could use some improvement, Kannaway’s advocacy through direct sales and involvement with ECHO is exemplary. Because of Kannaway, we may see cultural myths surrounding CBD begin to disappear in the coming months.

Kannaway’s products are also extremely well-tested and carefully formulated. Anyone looking for a safe, effective CBD product could research Kannaway’s methods and feel reassured of their integrity.

Finally, Kannaway’s creative product line offers something for everyone. If you’d like to add a little hemp to your skincare routine, or you’re looking for a veterinarian-tested way to introduce CBD to your pet, Kannaway has a product for you.

Kannaway isn’t perfect, but it’s a strong company with pure products. That’s a great start.



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