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It’s hard to see a beloved pet in pain or in need of help. Our fur babies are part of our family, and if there is anything we can do to help them live a better quality of life most of us would jump at the chance.

Fact is, you’re not alone if you’ve considered sharing CBD with your pet; for those who have experienced personal benefits from CBD and hemp products, it’s only natural to want to pass those benefits along to your furry family members. However, not all hemp products are safe for pets. How can you know you’re helping your pet—and not hurting them?

We’re writing this Treatibles review because we believe Treatibles found the answer to this all-important question. With Treatibles, your dogs, cats, and horses. Their products have been specially-formulated for pets—with dosage guides that take into account your pet’s species, weight, and health needs.

On top of all these benefits, Treatibles is organic and non-toxic. Want to learn more? We’ve reviewed Treatibles below. Keep reading to learn about Treatibles’ foundational principles, ingredients, product line, and more:

Treatibles’ Guiding Values

“Treat-ibles” is somewhat of a play-on-words: “Treatible” as in a disease being “treatable,” and “treat” as in “pet treats.” Treatibles uses its name to communicate its core mission: “To promote harmony for the whole family®” through hemp products.

Treatibles operates on their three Cs of corporate integrity: committed, consistent, and compliant. For commitment, Treatibles promises to care for your pets as though they were their own. In consistency, Treatibles stresses the importance of testing and retesting for CBD strength, while ensuring consistent lack of heavy metals and pesticides in every bag. Compliant simply means Treatibles ensures their products meet the legal boundaries necessary to provide hemp as a viable supplement to your best friend. 

The Secret Ingredient: Safe, Organic Hemp Treats for Pets

Treatibles stands apart in their growing and manufacturing processes for their hemp treats. To provide the best product for your pet, all Treatibles hemp products are 100% organic. In fact, Treatibles was the first corporation to offer this sort of product for your furry family members.

Not only is their product pesticide- and herbicide-free, but it’s based around permaculture. Permaculture is the process of integrating agriculture within the natural ecosystem of an area. For example, a permaculture farm may harvest rainwater for irrigation, invite local animals into crops to serve as pest control, or use other non-invasive methods to cultivate plants. Goals of permaculture include more sustainable farming and healthier plants.

Because the founders of Treatibles own their own farm (located in South Carolina), they are able to fully monitor this production. All processes, from planting to harvest to production, are personally overseen by members of the Treatibles family. Thanks to careful oversight from Treatibles, customers can feel reassured of their products’ safety for their pets.

CBD pet treats without Biocontaminants

To further protect consumers’ safety, Treatibles sends all their products to a third-party lab for testing. This unbiased, professional source checks for pesticides, biocontaminants, and heavy metals in Treatibles products. Though it’s unlikely these would be present in Treatibles products in the first place (given their farming methods), it’s important to Treatibles to double-check just in case.

Treatibles’ extraction method

There are many ways to extract CBD and terpenes from hemp plants. Some involve more processing than others. Treatibles uses a minimal-processing method known as “oil infusion.” In this method, the hemp is combined with organic oils and then heated. The result is an organic oil with the plant compounds found in hemp. This technique is safe and preserves many of the original qualities of hemp in the final product.

THC content in Treatibles pet treats

One common question surrounding pet CBD is, “Will CBD make my pet high?”

The answer: No, your pet won’t get high from CBD. Just like human CBD, pet CBD and hemp products only contain a negligible amount of THC—not enough to induce any psychoactive experiences. You might notice your dog or cat relaxing more; that’s simply a sign of decreased anxiety. 

This is because CBD (contrary to urban myth) doesn’t come from marijuana; it comes from hemp, which is a different plant. Just like there are many types of apples, there are many types of cannabis. And just like some apples are sweet while others are sour, some types of cannabis can induce the “high” feeling—while others cannot. Marijuana is a plant in the cannabis family known for its psychoactive properties. Hemp, on the other hand, lacks these psychoactive properties. Instead, it’s primarily made up of the plant compounds known as CBD and terpenes. These are believed by many to have significant health benefits. When taken as a supplement, their effects could be compared to many other herbal remedies: possibly helpful, but definitely not psychoactive.

That’s why your dogs, cats, and horses won’t feel “high” on Treatibles treats. They’re non-psychoactive because their source is non-psychoactive. 

How CBD works in cats and dogs

Treatibles was founded with the belief that natural remedies are important and beneficial. While science surrounding hemp, CBD, and cannabis is still new, many researchers are seeing signs that CBD may have genuine benefits.

CBD stands for “cannabidiol,” which is a natural plant compound in the cannabinoid family of chemicals. Cannabinoids aren’t just found in plants in the cannabis family, however; they’re found in many plants, including carrots, black pepper, flax seed, and rosemary. They’re also found in the bodies of humans and animals. The naturally-occurring cannabinoids in your body may help regulate your temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, nerve function, and more. Your pets’ cannabinoids work in a similar way.

Sometimes, this natural cannabinoid system (formally known as the “endocannabinoid system”) malfunctions. Challenges related to endocannabinoid deficiencies may include migraines, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome—though the science on this topic is new, so it’s difficult to be certain.

CBD is believed to work similar to other health supplements (again, because research is just beginning, this is still a new theory). Just like you might take iron to help with an iron deficiency or inject insulin to help your body process sugar, CBD may be able to supplement and strengthen your body’s existing endocannabinoid system. The process is believed to be similar between humans and other animals (such as cats and dogs).

By giving your pet Treatibles, you could empower them for a more energetic, full life.

Organic, full-spectrum CBD treats: What makes Treatibles unique

Treatibles doesn’t stop at providing high-quality CBD. Instead, they offer full-spectrum oil.

Full-spectrum oil is unique because it’s rich in plant compounds. Many of these compounds (terpenes) are thought to have important health benefits. Some may even amplify the effects of CBD in the body. 

Rather than removing these natural herbal remedies, Treatibles includes them—so your pet can reap all the possible benefits of hemp products.

Possible benefits of Treatibles for pets

A few specific benefits for pets have been proposed by CBD enthusiasts. These include a better immune system, lower inflammation, relief from pain, decreased anxiety, and more. While more studies must be done to verify these claims, many reviews site positive experiences when using Treatibles for pets struggling with anxiety or pain.

Can you overdose on CBD for pets?

No. Though it’s wise to start with a low dose of CBD (lower than the product label recommends) and increase gradually, there is no known dosage that could kill your pet. As far as natural remedies go, CBD is surprisingly low-risk.

The Treatibles Product Line

The company carries a variety of products made for dogs, cats, and horses, as well as a few marketed to “all species.” Many are formulated for specific uses: topicals and drops can be applied to scrapes and burns, while treats are (obviously) for oral dosage and internal health challenges. Here’s what Treatibles has to offer pet owners:

Chews and capsules

If your pet gets anxious whenever the doorbell rings, hates riding in the car, or can’t stand loud noises, chews and capsules may help. Some pet owners also find they relieve joint pain, ease discomfort, and improve overall health.

Treatibles’ hard chews for dogs come in four flavors: sweet potato, turkey, blueberry, and pumpkin. Their flavor comes from real ingredients—you’ll see sweet potato, turkey, blueberry, and pumpkin on the labels of each respective flavor, as well as coconut oil, turmeric, chickpea flour, and many other healthy ingredients. 

They also offer soft chews for dogs and soft chews for cats who suffer from dental issues (or simply dislike hard treats).

Treatibles’ capsules come in two strengths—10 mg and 25 mg—and are available for all species. 

Oils and topicals

Treatibles also provides oils and topicals. Oils can be administered topically or given orally, while topicals are only for surface application. These products are created to support the healing of cuts, burns, scrapes, cracks, dry skin, and other similar challenges. 

Oils come in three concentrations: 90mg, 250mg, and 750mg, all available for all species. Treatibles also offers an extra-strength 1500mg formula specifically for horses. The company uses a coconut oil base to help increase the antibacterial power of these products. For the horse-specific drops, peppermint oil is added to help with itching and digestive issues. 

Currently, Treatibles is getting ready to release its first two topical products: 60mg and 240mg creams. These will be suitable for both canines and felines. Shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E are among the powerhouse ingredients in these soothing topicals.

Ready Packs

“Ready Packs” are Treatible’s way of helping pet owners with anxious pets. They provide ten prepackaged servings of hemp oil in a convenient travel container. Many reviews cite their usefulness, advising other pet owners to keep a pack of these in the glovebox for easy access. Treatibles Ready Packs are available for both dogs and cats.

Human products

Many love Treatibles’ organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly values, and would appreciate some human-centered products from Treatibles’ pesticide-free family farm. Thankfully, Treatibles now makes products for humans as well. They offer both 25mg capsules and 250mg oil, specially-formulated for human consumption. The oil contains peppermint oil and coconut oil as well—improving the taste from the traditional, earthy flavor of hemp.

Final Thoughts About Treatibles 

We’ve reviewed the brand’s values, ingredients, and product line. We’ve talked about how CBD could improve the well-being of your pets and covered some perfect ways to introduce CBD to your pet’s life. Though the companies products are mostly for pets, it’s one-of-a-kind in its stringent testing policies, non-toxic farming methods, and thoughtful product formulation. This review highly recommends Treatibles for any of your pet CBD needs.

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